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            This is a unique situation because Jarred is my son. When Jarred was four years old he had three neck and head injuries within 6 months.  One of the last injuries actually sent him to the hospital with a concussion. A couple of months after his last injury Jarred started complaining of headaches.

            Initially he had a MRI of the brain to rule out any internal bleeding. After that test came back negative I did an evaluation which included muscle palpation and a cranial x-ray. My son at the age of four was showing a C2 spinous rotation (misalignment). He also had tenderness at the top of the neck and joint fixation at that level.

            Jarred received his first adjustment at four years old. I adjusted him twice a week for a month. After that I adjusted him once a week for another month. After the first month he told me his headaches were gone. Today my son is 17 years old and I usually adjust him once a month to keep him headache free.

            I do believe that he suffered some ligament damage because his neck is still a weak area.  But with periodic maintenance care he remains headache free. The interesting fact is that he does not remember any of the accidents that occurred at age four. I wonder how many of us forget injuries that occurred to us over the years that play a major role in what is happening to us today.

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